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Foundation for Modern BIOprogressive Orthodontics conducting continuing education courses "AI Empowerment in Dental Research", lectured by Dr. Ahmed Kaboudan.

In today's rapidly evolving landscape of dental sciences, the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) stands as a transformative force. This tailored curriculum is meticulously designed to equip researchers, practitioners, and enthusiasts within the dental domain with the essential knowledge and practical skills necessary to harness the power of AI effectively.

Through an immersive learning experience, participants will delve into the realms of AI applications specific to dental research, exploring cutting-edge techniques, algorithms, and methodologies.

By participating in this continuing course, attendees will receive a free CERTIFICATE and earn 5 hours CE Credits.

By the end of this program, attendees will emerge not only with a profound understanding of AI's potential in dental sciences but also with the proficiency to apply these insights, fostering groundbreaking advancements and innovation within the field.


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Friday, May 10 2024

9 AM - 3 PM
(One Hour Lunch Break Provided)

Dept of Orthodontics
University of Illinois Chicago
Ricketts Room, 801 S Paulina St
Chicago IL 60612

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About Dr Kaboudan

Dr. Ahmed Kaboudan was awarded many US patents and prizes and elected “Man of the year” for his contributions to the field of computing. He lectures in different USA, Europe, and ME universities in the field of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare.

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