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In 1950 a visionary Doctor started his Postgrad seminar in Orthodontics at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Under the influence of head leaders like Drs. Allan Brodie and William Downs he devoted his Orthodontics career to expand the specialty to new dimensions. Being with very unquiet personality and possessing a great devotion to furthering the field of orthodontics, he developed the Bioprogressive Therapy Philosophy as an option and an answer to many limitations that were surrounding the specialty during that time.

Many great professionals joined his team, such as Ruel Bench, Carl Gugino, James Hilgers, Hiroshi Nezu, Terry Sellke, Duane Grummons, Joseph Caruso,  Michael Langlade, Eichiro Nakajima, Juan Font, Juan Carlos Crespi, Franco Magni, Jerry Samson, followed by Sergio Sambattaro, Budi Kusnoto, Mario Sergio Duarte, Nelson Oppermann, Flavio Sanchez and many others around the world, and the philosophy was stretched to a world recognized technique.

Now, years after, The Bioprogressive Therapy teaching is getting back to its origins, the Orthodontics Department of the University of Illinois at Chicago - UIC - USA. A team of professors joined this endeavor and five years after teaching at the UIC’s Postgrad program, it was decided to open a new seminar opportunity for professionals all around the world who want to immerse into this Orthodontics treatment modality. The Bioprogressive Therapy has a unique approach to all kinds of malocclusions and gives to the Orthodontist a comprehensive approach from growth and development, diagnostics, treatment planning and biomechanics; therefore a careful seminar program of modules was designed to fulfill all participants' expectations. By joining the program the participant will have a chance to open up and enhance their clinical practice possibilities.

Seminar Objectives

Proin interdum

The participant will receive the basic knowledge to perform Bioprogressive Therapy philosophy possibilities on their practices. Theory and Practice (Laboratory) classes will be given. At the end of the full program the participant will be able to diagnosis and to deliver a treatment plan accordingly to the Bioprogressive Therapy Principles. Customize each treatment and choose the appropriate mechanics to each case, Sectional, Segmented or Straight Wires. Additional Techniques will be taught (MEAW).

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Fusce adipiscing

A joint certificate from the Foundation for Modern Bioprogressive Orthodontics and the Department of Orthodontics, University of Illinois at Chicago, will be awarded to the participant at the completion of the two-module or advanced seminar.

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A joint seminar between Foundation Of Modern Bioprogressive Orthodontics and Department Of Orthodontics University Of Illinois at Chicago.

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